The Initial Post

This is the Official blog of the open source roleplaying video game The Flight of the Maxima. The Wiki can be found here where you can get all the info on it.

This is the development blog, where we’ll be posting updates on how the game is progressing and any new and events related to the game.

If you want to help bring this incredible game to completion, check out the How can I help? section. Any help you could give us, no matter how small, would be really appreciated and bring this game closer to completion so it can be enjoyed by many others.

As it stands, the game has many awesome and cool story parts, locations and features implemented along with several hours playing time before you even hit an unfinished section. Feel free to just download and play the game for your own enjoyment, after all, people enjoying playing the game is why we’re making it in the first place.

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2 Responses to The Initial Post

  1. What distro does the engine currently compile on or has binaries for? I’m running Kubuntu 11.10. If a .deb could be made of the engine plus your project it would get much more attention.

  2. Sofox says:

    Hey Kevin,
    No binaries yet, although you’re right, they should be.
    Instructions for compiling it to Linux are right here:
    The steps have been tested with Ubuntu. We try to keep the game compilable and runnable for Win, Mac and Linux, but it isn’t always easy.

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