Stolen Nap

So I was playing around in TFM the other night, strolling around the central town of New Highworth looking for any glitches as a result of the recent graphics layer changes, when I discovered I could pick up people’s beds. Since joining the project there’s still a lot that I don’t know about what’s already been done in the game, so having discovered this I made the most logical decision I could and stole beds from everybody in the town and placed them in the village square.

I then waited for nightfall.

A Screenshot showing a large amount of beds centered in the open air with some people sleeping them at night

I feel like I brought the community together! They all came to the square and slept soundly… except the few who kept bugging me… maybe because I took their beds I dunno.


Purely in the interests of bug fixing, I continued stealking peoples beds. I one instance I took the Governors’ bed. As night fell, I stood defiantly there in the village square, watching as the Governor came out of the prison having spent his working day convicting people to imprisonment and death. Anxious to meet my fate, I walked up to him, he walked up to me and… disappeared.

Confused, I checked my inventory and found that while I was still holding the Governor’s bed, the bed itself now held the Governor himself who was sleeping soundly. Unsure what to do with him, I conversed with JP online who suggested, purely in the interest of checking bugs, that I drop the bed in the river. I couldn’t do that, more due to the game telling me I couldn’t rather than any internal moral quandary on my behalf.

We did however manage to find a leprechaun who slept in a sack and after picking up the sack with him still in it, threw it in the river. He seemed to spend the rest of the night sleeping quite comfortably underwater and by morning, the sack had floated to the top of the river and the leprechaun stood there on his sleeping sack floating island, looking out at the coastline so near and yet so far… and stood there for the rest of the day until nightfall when he crawled back into the sack and fell asleep once again.


So overall, a good session of game testing!

Regrettably, the “carry the sleeping item containing a sleeping person” bug has now been fixed, so I can no longer try to make lame puns with the word “knapsack.”

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3 Responses to Stolen Nap

  1. Petrell says:

    While game certainly sounds and looks interesting and I’ve followed the development for quite while by reading code commits in IRE code repository the lack of binary release prevents me (and most people in general) from testing the game. Is there any plans of making public release any time soon (preferably windows) for general public that has no compiling knowledge or capability?

  2. Sofox says:

    Hey Petrell, we really appreciate your interest. What you’re saying of course makes sense and we’ll try to provide binaries, but it may take some time.

    According to JP the Mac and Windows are unstable and not recently tested. Part of the problem is the Allegro library that we are using for graphics has a version discrepancy thing going on which is why we are currently redoing the graphics layer to allow TFM to use a different different graphics library.

    Once this is done we’ll work on first ensuring that the game run properly on Windows and Mac, and then on providing the binaries.

    In the meantime, your best option is to do what JP and I do and compile the Linux version which we’ve provided some fairly straightforward instructions for doing. However, we should see about providing a Linux binary, do you have a Linux system to test on?

    • Petrell says:

      No, I only have windows systems (Desktop with WinXP Pro and laptop with Win 7 Premium). Hopefully you can sort the Allegro problems in near future.

      Anyway, good luck with the project. I’ll continue to follow the developement here and by reading code commits.

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