Save/Load UI needs a makeover!

Any UI designers out there?

In fact, anyone who can put together something even remotely nice looking for a GUI?

You see, we’ve got a problem:

As you can see, it’s not the worst save dialog in the world, but it would be really nice to have a mockup to guide visual aesthetic.

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  1. qubodup says:

    Have you checked out the stuff at

    Quite a few widget sets. The “gui” search term should help.

    If you have any “it should look like … does it” thoughts, share them. :)

  2. Petrell says:

    @Sofox: Just posting my reply at freegamer here in case you missed it.

    Well, it’s been quite awhile so details have become vaque but I believe I travelled to the Dragon’s castle to the north and airforce base to the south. I went east but there was some serious dublicate command bug (or something) in the maps there and lot of incomplete stuff (there was lot of that in the north as well) so I stopped playing. I never went to west other than visiting what I believe was a monastery. I never did go to holy land because nothing really suggested me going that way.

    Combat was frustrating as you really got nothing out of it and frogs (? the ones that shoot) tented to kill me more often than not. Game really needs proper leveling and statistic system as I already mentioned in our discussions.

    In general it was fun to play for awhile but there’s just too many things that were incomplete at the time (both mechanics wise as well as world/story implementation) to have lasting appeal. Also the backgound story is bit whacky to my taste (I actually tought I was playing serious medieval ‘end of days’ scenario in midle-east holy lands when I started. I like serious settings more than comedic, satiristic or whacky settings.).

    But despite incompleteness and shortcomings of the setting (my personal opinion. It may suit other people better.) I’m more than willing to try it again when more story, world and game mechanics are in place.

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