Windows Executable Available

EDIT2 (June 4th): Binary updated again. Fixes upcoming problems.

EDIT: Binary has been updated as of right now to resolve crashes and Jpeg error.

Thanks to JP, we now have a Windows version of The Flight of the Maxima that you can download and play without hassle!

The download is here!

If you want to start in windowed mode, either run from command line with “-window” after the game name, or edit game.ini and add ” -window” right after “-game tfm” (with space separating them).

Let us know what you think, even “obvious” stuff. There’s probably a lot of stuff we’ve gotten used to, and your feedback will help us make the game even better.

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4 Responses to Windows Executable Available

  1. jpmorris says:

    Frig, the JPEG library is broken. I hate Windows.

    • Petrell says:

      *grin* Now now, it can’t be that bad. 😉 :-p

      For some reason it only stops me from reading that particular perchament. Others seem fine (I read lot of books and perchaments in the abbey with the person who couldn’t come meat me. Infrared sensor in library in 14th centrury? :-p). But it also stops me from going nw of starting town as game crashes with the error at certain point.

      Btw, shouldn’t “woolves” be “wolves” instead?

      Couple questions:
      1. Is there a way to cancel attack?
      2. Is there way to browse thru available targets?
      3. Is there plans to add yournal?
      4. Is there plans to add statistics (xp, srenght, intelligence and so forth)?
      5. Is there plans to add more info on items (weight, protection, damage etc.)?
      6. Does stealing affect anything (I’m doing the Avatar thing and stealing everything that isn’t bolted to the floor :-p) or are there going to be an effect (virtue, piety or something)?
      7. Is there better way to interact with containers or do I have to pick up item at a time?
      8. What’s best place for this kind of communication? 😉 *grin*

      • Sofox says:

        Hey Petrell,
        Glad to see you’re getting a taste of the game, there’s more to come :)

        To answer your questions:

        “wolves” I defer to JP.

        1. Yes, hit Escape. I logged a bug similar to this previously.

        2. Oh, you mean like auto select enemies? I’m gonna have to defer this one to JP, but my own impression is that its a case of “we let you attack ANYTHING” so implying that the soldier attacking you has a greater priority in targeting then, say, the cow in the nearby field, would be prejudicial on our behalf.

        3. Yes. In fact, we were thinking of making his phone a smartphone, and have his quests and such be organised on that. Such a wonderful anachronism!

        4. Deferring to JP. He was talking about a level up system.

        5. There is a debug way of doing that. But I see your point, especially for armour and weapons, and less so for items weight. I guess I defer to JP.

        6. See that halo underneath your inventory (I missed it at first too)? That changes colour with your karma. For the rest, I defer to JP.

        7. Why in the forum where you may discuss many things to your hearts content. However did you miss that place up until now? (we do have a mailing list though, but so far it hasn’t been put through its paces.

        By the way, the binary has been updated, so redownload it and you shouldn’t have that Jpeg error (and hopefully no other crashes either).
        Your savegames should work fine.

      • jpmorris says:

        I’m not really in a position to run the game right now, so my answers regarding the game mechanics may not be accurate.

        “Woolves” is a spelling taken from (I think) “The Discoverie of Witchcraft” by Reginald Scot. It’s not correct in modern English, but it has been used in earlier texts before spelling became more uniform, and I use it in the game to add flavour.
        “Todes” instead of ‘toads’ definitely comes from that book.

        I think Sofox answered (1).
        As for 2, I was at one point thinking of adding a ‘combat mode’ where party members would automatically attack using some sort of heuristics, but that hasn’t been done yet.

        Suggestions for how combat should work are welcome, but as Sofox says, a key element of the game is the ability to attack things or people as you see fit so it would be optional. (That and the fact that Ultima 6 defaulted to combat mode when it started confused the heck out of me at first)

        As for 4, yes, the system has storage for most stats, but most of them aren’t used yet. Strength controls how much you can carry (but I don’t remember if it affects your attacks). Can’t remember if magic points are used properly, I may have replaced those with the todestone idea. You can only cast spells of your level though, as in Ultima. Can’t remember if Dexterity is used.
        This is one of the things which needs help, really. I have proven somewhat hopeless at designing the game mechanics for stats.

        As Sofox says the idea is that you start out weak and level up, but I could never judge when and how much experience to give the player, so you can’t. For now, you start at maximum level, which is also why you can carry the weight of a small motorcycle.

        5. I was going to add spells to do some of this. I was also looking at giving weight and maybe damage if you looked at something and were standing next to it, but I can’t remember if that was done.

        6. Currently it only changes your halo. It was intended that people react differently to you if you are evil, but I’m not sure any dialogue has really been written for that.

        7. I think you can search chests by looking at them while standing next to them, in which case everything will fall out and you can rifle through them.

        8. I defer to Sofox on that…


        (Sofox, this security question thing doesn’t seem to work very well)

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