There are many ways you can have your own input into the game, some of the things we need are written below.

Contact details here


You can talk to a great many characters in the game, and the idea is that each one of them will have a portrait of them displayed, preferably with several expressions. The game actually went on hiatus for a long period partly because an artist for these portraits couldn't be found. Development was restarted, but the lack of portraits still remains a problem.

We intend to make a list of needed portraits.

Sound Effects

The project is fine for music (courtesy of the main programmer), but there's a wide variety of sound effects which are needed. Keep in mind, we don't want any stolen sounds, only ones we have full rights to use. Copyright violations are sad times :-(

A (spoilertastic) List of Sound Effects needed


Even just playing through the game and giving us an idea of your impression of it, or any problems you encounter would be a great way to help. In any creative project, feedback is essential.

Letting Others Know

Maybe you're not that keen on the game or don't have the time to contribute to it. Do you know anyone who does? Maybe even a group of people or community that might be interested? Let them know, it could work out better for everyone.

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