To get the source code for Windows, first you need a Subversion (SVN) client which will connect the server and download the source code for you.

We recommend TortoiseSVN. Just go to the website, download and install it (it may ask you to restart, I didn't, but that's because I like to live dangerously).

Then, create a folder where you want your source code to go. Right click on that folder and select “SVN Checkout…” (this should be a new option since installing TortoiseSVN).

A dialog box should pop up, enter “” (without quotes) in the “URL of the Repository” field, and click “Okay” (the other settings should be fine as default).

Another dialog box should pop up showing all the source code and files being downloaded. When it says “Completed” just click OK to close the box.

You should now have all TFM code you need in the folder you selected.

To be continued…

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